Restoring The 1975 Corvette

Many times the restoration of a classic muscle car is not all its cracked up to be. There has to be passion, and money behind the drive. Restoring the 1975 has proven to need much of both. But I know that the end result will most certainly be rewarding.

Restoring anything, be it a vehicle like my 1975 Corvette or any other project you have to vision and re-vision the final product, until you reach your goal or standard. That has not been difficult to do with my restoration undertaking, with so many muscle car videos and car shows, it is pretty easy for you to determine what you will create with your drive and given the opportunity. Given my line of work, lets just say, I needed a project. My personal life and career, had taken me to a place to which I felt that I needed an outlet. This was it. So you find your project, be it a restoration of a classic muscle car or any other project, and vision what the final product will be and I promise you will be disappointed.

On this car, I had to basically re-design the rear of this 1975 Corvette to look like a 1980 C-3 Corvette. The main reason was that, if you have been following along on my previous posts, I had an after-market front end on the car when I purchased it. So I was able to find a factory front end off of a 1980 C-3 Corvette that was totaled in the rear. $700 dollars later, the front end was mine, and more importantly on this car. Many people ask me why I would do this? Well like I stated above, my car, my project. I love the look of the 1980 C3 Corvette, but I love the 1975 C3 Corvette’s rear window too. So there you have it. I will place finished photos on here once I am done with the exterior of the car. The tip for today when restoring an old muscle car, is and take my advice. One area that you do not want to skim on is the paint and body work. Take it from me, you are going to want to get to the bottom or the original color of the car, the main reason is that many times, many corners are cut with these cars as people look for either a quick fix, or a quick buck with flipping a muscle car for cash. I don’t recommend cutting any corners, but if you do cut a few here and there, don’t let paint and body be one of them.